About us

Hello! We are FireFlies Films.

We are happy to have you here. We guess there are few reasons we are meeting :)

You are the person with an idea for a great advertisement of your company or product and lacking professional equipment and team to realize your concept.

Or perhaps you have a brief for an excellent advertisement for your company or product and you require a person who will convert this draft into full-length advertising screenplay and finally put it into force?

Very likely you know your product well and want the world to get to know it also. That’s it. Don’t have a shadow of an idea how to do it?

There is a possibility you have a raw video and you need color grading and animations to be implemented.

And the last but the least likely option - you are here by mistake. Have you smiled just like we did? No worries - feel free to watch our videos, stock photos and check the offer of color grading and animations. It may happen that you will need an advertisement and a crew. At the time your brain will recall us in the form of well-known light bulb and like a Superhero we will pull you out from the trouble. In the meantime, let our website make feel like home. Don’t forget to check and like our FB - Fireflies Films.

And since one of first four reasons brought you here, we have to tell you - each of them separately is right and good as bread :) Let us explain!

  • Choosing us is having all experts you need on board to produce an advertisement - a photograph, a director, an editor, a colorist, a designer, an animator, a storyboarder and a copywriter. We are not only good actors, we know excellent ones!
  • We love what we do! We are proud of every our realisation - even those first ones because it taught us the most (check PORTFOLIO). We are up-to- date with the latest technologies, interesting business facts and news from broadly defined film industry. Our work is our passion so forget about all those cheaters who give projects with a lick and a promise, take your money and disappear from your life. We are different! We will realize your project with all devotion to proudly include it in our Portfolio, brag about it online and offline, share it with friends and strangers. We make sure you think warmly and fondly about us when you will need an advertisement in the future.
  • Thanks to our own equipment we are independent and are very elastic in terms of deadlines.

And that’s basically all. Still skeptical? Check out PORTFOLIO ;)

P.S. We won’t talk nonsense like: FireFlies films is not only the company, but first of all people with great passion to create. The fundamental idea of our productions is individual approach to every topic and product… It’s OBVIOUS, isn’t it? Every project is different, every person is different. And on the other side - all is UNIQUE and everything flows. So without cliches - we invite you for the a creative cooperation assuring you won’t regret.

FireFlies Films Crew,
Grzegorz "Grisza" Najder, Paweł "Pablo" Biarda,
Daniel "Danek" Strutyński, Marlena "Mania" Szubert